Health Leadership Program

Project Overview

The five-year USAID-funded Health Leadership Program (HLP) supports the Haitian government’s efforts to build an optimal health system that is accessible, accountable, affordable, and reliable.

HLP will work closely with local partners alongside the Government of Haiti to build its capacity to lead and finance the health sector and improve its planning and oversight of the health workforce. HLP will enhance the capabilities of Haitian partners to direct their own development and reduce dependence on outside sources.

HLP will strengthen the government’s capacity to lead and coordinate domestic, international, private, and public stakeholders in planning; using data for decision- and policy-making with an emphasis on gender and social inclusion; managing resources based on need; and maximizing impact. HLP’s technical assistance to the Government will target specific capacity gaps using mentorship, coaching, learning by doing, peer-to-peer learning, and formal trainings.

MSH will lead the project in collaboration with two local partners: Group Croissance, a Haitian consulting firm specializing in health finance and budget transparency, and the women-led Centre de Formation et d’Encadrement Technique, a Haitian consulting organization specializing in human resource management.

This project expands on the approach central to USAID’s mission to help countries on their journey to self-reliance: After the first two years, MSH will transfer accountability to local partners to achieve targets and deliverables for each HLP objective and will retain only a technical assistance role thereafter.

HLP builds on MSH’s trusted relationships in Haiti’s public and private sectors—and across the political spectrum—that were created by delivering resilient programs with measurable, sustainable results, most recently the World Bank Projet d’Amélioration de la Santé Maternelle et Infantile à travers des Services Sociaux Intégrés (PASMISSI) project and the USAID Leadership, Management, and Governance program.


Project Team