Gabon Health Reform Support Program

Project Overview

The Gabon Health Reform Support Program (Programme d’appui à la réforme sanitaire du Gabon (PARSG)) is a five-year agreement between the government of Gabon and MSH to introduce reforms into the Gabonese health system and support the country's National Health Development Plan. MSH is providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health spanning the six pillars of all health systems: governance and leadership; health delivery; health information; human resources for health; pharmaceutical management; and a sustainable approach to financing.

The Ministry of Health has identified the Gabon Health Reform Support Program's most immediate objectives as improving integrated health services throughout the country, ensuring the continuous availability of medical commodities, and initiating greater financial control over the provision of health services.

The program emphasizes the need to integrate Gabon’s most vulnerable populations into a health system meant for all citizens. It ultimately aims to significantly decrease maternal and child mortality, as well as mortality and morbidity linked to TB, malaria, and HIV and AIDS.