Advocacy for Family Planning in Burkina Faso

Project Overview

In the rural communities of Gorgadji and Seytenga in the Sahel, one of Burkina Faso's poorest regions where the modern contraceptive prevalence rate is 7%, the FCI Program of MSH is working with government officials to increase contraceptive prevalence rates. With support from PAI's Opportunity Fund, the FCI Program of MSH advocates with regional health actors, mayors, and other decisionmakers from Gorgadji and Seytenga to promote budgeting for family planning. As a result of this advocacy, during the 2017 budgeting process, the communes of Gorgadji and Seytenga created budget lines for family planning and allocated 2 million CFA (US $3,200) and 500,000 CFA (US $800), respectively, to contraceptives, capacity building, social and behavioral change communication, equipment, and other family planning activities. While these amounts are relatively small, they represent the first time any commune in Burkina Faso's Sahel region has created a family planning budget line in its annual health budgets.

Following this advocacy success, the FCI Program of MSH is advocating with local stakeholders to mobilize additional funds for family planning while fostering linkages with the local family planning service providers to promote increased access to and use of family planning methods.