Our Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+) has strengthened the leadership skills of health providers and managers in more than 40 countries. LDP+ fosters an empowering work environment, motivating teams to address pressing challenges and improve service quality. At Kagando Hospital in western Uganda, LDP+ helped 35 staff members transform obstetric services by identifying obstacles to progress in community outreach, health education, and prevention of supply stock-outs. In just one year after initiation of LDP+, contraceptive use nearly doubled, antenatal care attendance increased by 27 percent, and 11 percent more women delivered at the hospital instead of at home.

Strengthening Leaders to Drive Positive Change

The program has three learning objectives: learn the basic practices of leading and managing so that managers can lead their workgroups to face challenges and achieve results, create a work climate that supports staff motivation, and create and sustain teams that are committed to continuously improving client services. By applying the practices of good leadership, management, and governance, teams become more systematic and intentional in their behavior, even in the most challenging circumstances (unrest, fragile states, budget constraints). In 2013, the LDP+ was updated to include an emphasis on country ownership, and while it is primarily used by ministries of health, networks, and large organizations, it is adaptable to any health context.

In addition to the LDP+, MSH provides other services to individuals, teams, organizations, and government agencies to improve leadership, including executive coaching, the design and/or facilitation of senior leadership retreats, and large group events that bring together diverse stakeholders.