MSH Framework for Ebola Response and Recovery at the Local Level

Download the full Framework for Ebola Response and Recovery at the Local Level 


The Framework is intended to support implementation of Ebola response plans at the local level. It contains modules and worksheets to promote:

  • Strengthening local area multisector response coordination
  • Maintaining essential services (health and non-health) during and after the outbreak
  • Limiting the spread of Ebola
  • Supporting Ebola care and treatment protocols

The purpose of the Framework is to help local areas implement the recommendations of International and National Ebola guidelines and plans. The Framework is aligned with the latest guidance and protocols for the management of the current outbreaks. Local areas should follow their National Plan and adhere to the best of their abilities to the recommendations set forward by the International Response and Health organizations. These documents can be accessed at: 

The Framework consists of 5 modules, a checklist, and a series of planning worksheets.

Module 1

The Local Coordinating Committee will help you conduct local, multi sector coordination of the response. The local context is essential to designing an effective response, as there will be great local variability among the severity of the outbreak, the vulnerable groups, and response capabilities. National and International plans cannot foresee this local variation and generic plans are not likely to be able to finely tune the response to provide the right type of help to those that need it the most. All efforts must be coordinated to prevent chaos and to ensure an effective response. 

Module 2

Maintenance of Essential Services uses disaster management strategies to assess available resource needs and gaps, to prioritize resource allocation, and to identify the essential services (health and non-health) that must be continued even during the outbreak. 

Module 3

Limiting the Spread of the Disease focuses on the policies and practices that local areas must take to prevent spread of the disease. As in all the Modules, local areas should follow the specific policies and protocols of their government and international authorities. This module assists in the implementation of those policies at the local level. 

Module 4

Health Sector Triage provides guidance for implementing the health care triage approach that is being recommended. This will depend on the latest guidance from authorities, and the phase and severity of the outbreak in your immediate area. In addition to triage for Ebola cases, guidance is also provided to reduce deaths from non-Ebola causes.

Module 5

Recovery and Resilience helps local areas to get life and commerce back to normal after an outbreak. It also helps link response to recovery and provides guidance on developing resiliency.

Download the full Framework for Ebola Response and Recovery at the Local Level