With support from USAID, MSH has worked in Madagascar to reduce maternal, infant, and child morbidity and mortality by increasing access to quality integrated health care services and medicines and promoting the adoption of healthy behaviors. MSH programs have worked directly with community health volunteers to raise awareness of healthy behaviors, monitor child growth, provide family planning and counseling services, and treat simple illnesses. In collaboration with other partners to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health, MSH has developed materials on supply chain management and training of trainers and ensured that community health volunteers have the resources needed for the women, men, and children they serve.


  • Increased access to and availability of primary health care in remote areas with the development of a digital mHealth app that allows community health volunteers to record health data to be monitored by health centers


  • Reached 359,170 new users and 151,292 continuing users of family planning and achieved 450,922 couple years protection


  • Reached 2,757,099 children with growth-monitoring services to detect nutrition status and signs of stunting


  • Increased the percentage of malaria cases in children under five treated with artemisinin-based combination therapy from 58 percent in 2014 to 92 percent in 2018


  • Increased facility-level newborn deliveries from 50,192 in 2015 to 115,148 in 2018


  • Created 90 communal plague monitoring committees and 653 villageplague monitoring committees to help halt a 2017 plague epidemic


  • Trained 2,969 people to educate 145,161 others about plague prevention and treatment


  • Created nearly 2,600 savings and loan funds groups over a five-year period that accrued the equivalent of USD 700,000 in savings, some of which was used to offset health care costs that would otherwise be paid out of pocket

Our Projects

Project Name Health Systems Health Areas Date
The Accessible Continuum of Care and Essential Services Sustained (ACCESS) Activity Women's, Children's, and Adolescents' Health, Malaria 2018 - 2023
Improving Market Partnerships and Access to Commodities Together (IMPACT) Pharmaceutical Management Pharmaceutical Management 2018 - 2023
African Strategies for Health
Leadership, Management & Governance, Financing Health Services Malaria, Tuberculosis, Women's, Children's, and Adolescents' Health, HIV & AIDS 2011 - 2016
The Health Communication Collaborative
Leadership, Management & Governance HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis, Women's, Children's, and Adolescents' Health, Malaria September 26, 2012 - July 31, 2017
USAID Mikolo
Leadership, Management & Governance Women's, Children's, and Adolescents' Health, Malaria 2013 - 2018