Rebuilding Basic Health Services Project: Our Impact

{Photo credit: MSH}Photo credit: MSH

For many Liberian women, the excitement of pregnancy is often accompanied by cautious fear. Too many of these women have experienced pregnancy complications themselves or know others who have suffered or died from hemorrhage, blood clots, infection, high blood pressure, or obstructed labor. While these complications pose serious dangers for all pregnant women, Liberian mothers face the added risk of a weak health system that often leaves them in the hands of untrained staff and ill-equipped facilities.

 {Photo credit: MSH.}Floride Niyuhire, MD, MPH, a Performance-Based Financing Advisor for RBHS.Photo credit: MSH.

MSH contributes to health systems strengthening in Liberia through Rebuilding Basic Health Services (RBHS), a USAID-supported project, led by the JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. We spoke recently with Floride Niyuhire, MD, MPH, a Performance-Based Financing Advisor for RBHS. Liberia experienced civil war throughout the 1990s, finally ending in 2003. How did civil war affect the health system?