South Sudan: Our Impact

CAMBRIDGE, MA –In the wake of a devastating civil war in Southern Sudan, USAID has chosen Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to rebuild health services in the country through the leadership of the Sudan Health Transformation Project, Phase II (SHTP II). This three-year, $45-million project will focus on expanding high-impact primary health care and water and sanitation services and increasing the country’s capacity to manage these services, ultimately building a sustainable health infrastructure in the most vulnerable of environments.

With only 10 miles of paved road in all of Southern Sudan, a region the size of Texas, Steve Redding, Director of Health Service Delivery at Management Sciences for Health (MSH), explains that it is unusual to bump into any sign of government: “There are no roads, mostly cattle trails. Many of the people are seminomadic. . . . To have health facilities positioned along cattle routes reminds people that there is a government concerned with their welfare.” Three years ago, life was different in Southern Sudan.