Rwanda: Our Impact

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) leaders in performance-based financing (PBF) of health services shared their successful experiences from Haiti and Rwanda in a new book from the Center for Global Development, Performance Incentives for Global Health: Potential and Pitfalls.The Haiti team, writing about scaling up a performance incentive model through a network of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), found that rewarding NGOs for increasing access to a package of basic services and paying them for achieving performance targets resulted in significant increases in essential services such as

MSH: What is your role in the Ministry of Health? I am the coordinator of the support unit for contracting in the Ministry of Health of Rwanda. My mission was to set up a mechanism for introducing results-based financing into the health system, to make it functional and perform smoothly. MSH: What is your background working in public health financing? I have worked in the public health system since 1983. I was first a health program manager, including financial management.

As the Rational Pharmaceutical Management (RPM) Plus Program draws to a close, the Program Director, Dr. Douglas Keene of MSH, reviewed the successes of almost a decade of contributions to improved pharmaceutical management. He spoke at the annual conference of the Global Health Council in Washington, DC, on May 28, 2008. Getting Help to People in Need