Our Focus

Providing Point of Access Solutions Across 3 Major Areas

PHT Consulting empowers public- and private-sector organizations to craft solutions to the unique problems facing patients in LMICs. Our work is focused on improving system functions across 3 primary areas:

1. Pharmaceutical Services
2. Markets and Economies
3. Technology and Data Analytics



1. Pharmaceutical Services

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is fundamental to building an effective health system, whether the medicines and other commodities for that system are provided by governments or the private sector. MSH has drawn on its decades of experience working in more than 60 countries to create analysis tools and project frameworks that have proven effective in developing countries. Country governments, donors, and commercial enterprises seeking market entry or expansion can benefit from PHT Consulting’s supply chain expertise.

Pharmaceutical Services

Access to affordable, quality assured medicines is critical to achieving universal health coverage and sustainable development goals.To ensure that this access contributes to positive health outcomes, we focus on such areas as medication adherence, patient safety and education, facility and community-based case management, treatment guidelines and formularies, pharmacovigilance, pharmaceutical benefits management, and infection control.

Product Quality Management Systems

Quality assurance (QA) is an ongoing challenge in LMICs, and navigating the local regulatory environment is a major barrier to entry for both investors and donors. Leveraging MSH’s decades of experience on the ground in LMICs, we can implement QA systems and provide regulatory guidance to ensure that safe, high-quality medicines are widely accessible. By refining QA systems, we can also improve the detection of falsified medicines and ensure product integrity.

 2. Markets and Economies

Pharmaceutical Economics

PHT Consulting offers stakeholders information on the comparative safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and procedures with an eye toward improving efficiency and increasing accessibility. PHT has also supported the inception of other strategic purchasing mechanisms, such as pricing strategies, the use of multi-criteria decision analysis, managed entry agreements, value-based pricing, and centralized procurement/negotiation.

Market Analysis

It takes an understanding of current, on-the-ground situations to successfully enter emerging markets and expand access and affordability. PHT Consulting facilitates this process by offering market size estimation and landscape analysis; product introduction, scale-up, and lifecycle management; regulatory pathway assessments and options at the global and country levels; country market assessments and prioritization; and finance options analysis and strategy support.

3. Technology and Data Analytics

Introduction of New Health Technologies

From point-of-care diagnostics to laboratory assessments to medical devices, increased access to advances in treatment is essential to providing better care. However local conditions can create unique challenges for sustainable and meaningful uptake of these innovations. PHT Consulting helps clients develop an effective access strategy, including regulatory frameworks, financing strategies, procurement, and payer decision making.

Data and Information Systems

The lack of adequate data, software, and analytics is a persistent challenge in LMICs that prevents clients and stakeholders from making effective management decisions. PHT Consulting offers a suite of services to address this gap, including analysis, design, and implementation of pharmaceutical information systems; training and capacity building; and data capture, analysis, and visualization to provide unique insights.

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