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Stronger Health Ecosystems at the Point of Access

Patients in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) expect, demand, and deserve more and better health products and services. Starting from this core principle, MSH’s Pharmaceuticals and Health Technologies (PHT) Consulting Group works with clients to provide localized solutions to bridge gaps in patient needs.That means making high-quality, affordable medicines and other health products available to patients and building healthier communities, markets, and supply chains around the globe.

With deep subject area expertise and decades of experience working with local markets and LMICs, PHT Consulting strengthens health ecosystems at the point of access. 


Local Solutions for a Changing World

In LMICs, the high cost of pharmaceuticals and the lack of health insurance coverage lead to poor access to life-saving medicines. MSH knows from decades of firsthand experience that health ecosystems in LMICs are a complex and evolving mix of public and private providers. In fact, some three quarters of patients in these countries pay for medicines out of pocket, signaling the need for localized, point-of-access solutions that address the interests of patients, providers, governments, international organizations, and private-sector enterprises.

MSH believes that access to pharmaceuticals and health technologies is an essential component of the drive toward universal health coverage. PHT Consulting helps a wide range of stakeholders navigate the political, social, and economic forces in emerging markets and improve health outcomes.


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