Minister's speech highlights the importance of national health assessmentKABUL, AFGHANISTAN (JULY 24, 2002) — The Technical Deputy Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firouz Firouzddin, today opened a training session by reading a speech from the Minister, Dr. Suhaila Siddiqi, for approximately 150 Afghans, representing all regions of the country, who will serve as surveyors in a national health resources assessment. The assessment will be conducted during the months of July and August.

Ministry of Public Health announces a new performance-based approach for partnership agreements with local Afghan and international organizationsKABUL, AFGHANISTAN (JULY 9, 2002) — The Ministry of Public Health and Management Sciences for Health today awarded Coordination for Humanitarian Assistance (CHA), a local Afghan organization, the first grant in a series that aims to expand health services to underserved communities throughout Afghanistan. A ceremony was held at the CHA Art Gallery, where Dr.

BOSTON, MA (NOVEMBER 7, 2002) — MSH today announced the launch of its new Web site, reflectsing MSH's continued commitment to educate broad audiences about the importance of international development and to provide health managers around the world with sound resources and information for improving health. Since 1971, MSH has worked with decision makers to improve the management of and access to critical health services, such as primary health care, child survival, maternal and child health, family planning, and reproductive health.