A horrific earthquake shook Pakistan in October 2005, leaving 2.8 million people homeless and nearly 200,000 injured or dead. Since the earthquake, rain and snow continue to descend onto the affected communities causing landslides and avalanches, and making reconstruction work nearly impossible for days on end. Today, with the help of organizations like MSH, Pakistan has begun to rebuild, restore, and revive two of the hardest-hit districts—Bagh and Mansehra.

"Eight months ago, talking about contraception was a taboo. Nowadays people easily talk about birth spacing practice and its importance.

Four days after giving birth to her sixth child, Lenny Barroga decided to undergo bilateral tubal ligation, a surgical procedure that “ties” woman’s fallopian tubes to block future pregnancies. With a middle-class income by small-town standards, feeding, clothing, and educating six children had become a burden for Lenny and her husband. Today, more than 190 million couples worldwide use surgical sterilization as a safe and reliable method of family planning.