Dr. William Newbrander of Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has developed a systematic approach to assist the governments of states that are in transition after conflicts or health emergencies as these nations plan and carry out actions to make progress in development. The Assistant Director-General for Health Action in Crises for the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Ala Awan, invited Dr. Newbrander to present this approach in a Global Consultation on Health Recovery in Transition Situations. The meeting took place December 4–6, 2007, in Montreux, Switzerland. WHO chose Dr.

Improvements in health are seen in statistics and reports, but their most profound effect is within people. It became apparent where the wealth of a nation truly lives when Dr. Leslie Ramsammy was approached by a father who wanted to thank him for saving his child’s life from malaria. “Health is wealth,” said Dr. Ramsammy, the Minister of Health of Guyana, during a visit to MSH headquarters in Cambridge, MA. “It is the foundation for all other aspects of society—the economy, the history, the culture.

The new HIV/AIDS Care and Support Program (HCSP), funded by the US Agency for International Development, represents the largest national expansion of HIV & AIDS services at the community and health center levels in Africa. Dr. Belkis Giorgis, the program’s NGO Capacity Building/Gender Advisor, discusses the challenges that Ethiopian women face and MSH’s family-focused, gender-sensitive approach to AIDS. To extend the reach and impact of our activities, MSH recognizes the importance of including senior staff such as Dr.