A web-based system for collecting and analyzing performance data in Rwanda is not only helping to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of the health care financing system, but has also resulted in reporting of data by 100 percent of facilities—a notable monitoring and evaluation success. Performance-based financing, as put in place by MSH’s HIV–PBF Project, is an approach to health care financing that shifts attention and funding from resources used to results achieved.

An innovative initiative to increase the use of family planning services provided by the Malian army has taken off: the pilot project reached 1,000 civilian and military families in five months and attracted several new partners. Revitalizing Family Planning for Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy in the Military Health System, which was funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, contributed to the reduction of high maternal and infant mortality in Mali by promoting the use of family planning for birth spacing.Advocates highlighted the benefits of spacing births . . .

As the Rational Pharmaceutical Management (RPM) Plus Program draws to a close, the Program Director, Dr. Douglas Keene of MSH, reviewed the successes of almost a decade of contributions to improved pharmaceutical management. He spoke at the annual conference of the Global Health Council in Washington, DC, on May 28, 2008. Getting Help to People in Need