CAMBRIDGE, MA — Enhancing its work in capacity building and health systems strengthening across the world, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has become a primary partner of the MEASURE Evaluation Project. Spearheaded by USAID and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MEASURE Evaluation works to improve the collection, analysis, and presentation of data and promote their use in planning, policymaking, managing, monitoring, and evaluating of population, health, and nutrition programs. MSH is joining the program as it enters its twelfth year.

Wagner (not his real name), an HIV-positive father of two, was direly ill in late 2007 but now is thriving thanks to the commitment and creativity of the staff at MSH-supported Mont Organisé and Fort-Liberté health facilities in northeastern Haiti. Staff at the Mont Organisé voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) center informed Wagner of his status in 2007.

“Jean-Marie” (back to camera) confides in journalist Hans Mars (facing the camera) during the inauguration of the new ART site in the Haitian town of Ouanaminthe. Jean-Marie (real name withheld) kept a low profile at the celebration, but the opening of a new building at the health center in his home town of Ouanaminthe in northeast Haiti was changing his life for the better. The new site offers antiretroviral treatment (ART) for AIDS.