Webinar: Sexual and Reproductive Health in Times of COVID19

 {Photo credit: MSH staff}A mother and her daughters walk home from a health clinic in Guyana.Photo credit: MSH staff

On April 3rd, 2020, the LAC Regional InterAgency Task Force for Maternal Mortality Reduction (Grupo de Trabajo Regional - GTR) hosted a Spanish-language webinar, "Sexual and Reproductive Health in Times of COVID-19: Evidence, Perspectives, and Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean."  The virtual event, joined by 500 participants, dove into the challenges and strategies of providing sexual and reproductive health care in the context of COVID-19. Martha Murdock, Senior Principal Technical Advisor at MSH, a member of the GTR Steering Committee, offered closing remarks.

Beyond the direct impact COVID-19 has on health, millions of lives have been affected by the mitigation and suppression of policies, as well as the economic and financial impact. Projections estimate unemployment in the region increasing by over 10%, and that those living below the poverty line could increase by almost 6 %. Faced with increased unemployment and poverty, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that up to 18 million women could discontinue the use of modern contraceptives, leading to an increase of more than 600,000 unintended pregnancies and more than 750 preventable maternal deaths.

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Due to the high level of interest in this interactive session, the LAC InterAgency Regional Task Force on Maternal Mortality Reduction plans to hold additional sessions in the coming months.