Tanzania Food And Drugs Authority Recognizes MSH for Work on Country-Wide Rollout of Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets

{Photo credit: MSH}Photo credit: MSH

Management Sciences for Health—with financial support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID and other partners—has been working in Tanzania on scaling up the Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets (ADDO) Program since 2002, in support of the Government of Tanzania's efforts to improve access to essential medicines and pharmaceutical services.

MSH worked with the Tanzania Food & Drugs Authority (TFDA) for more than 10 years, through conceptualization, design, pilot and scaling up of the ADDO Program, until 2011 when changes to the Tanzania Pharmaceutical laws gave the Pharmacy Council a mandate to undertake some of the TFDA functions, including the ADDO Program.

Through the Sustainable Drug Seller Initiatives (SDSI), MSH is now providing technical support to the Pharmacy Council on the maintenance and sustainability of the ADDO program after a successful countrywide rollout which was completed in June 2013.

TFDA marked its 10th anniversary on October 17, 2013 and invited several stakeholders, including MSH, development partners and international and national not for profit organizations, who have been providing technical and financial support for various activities of the organization.

The Chief Guest was the Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Hussein Mwinyi. During their speeches both the Minister and the TFDA Director General, Mr. Hiiti Sillo, acknowledged with appreciation the contribution of MSH to the success of TFDA.

MSH was among the few partners that received a recognition award, presented in front of all invited guests in appreciation of the support. SDSI staff member Mr. Richard Valimba accepted the award on behalf of the MSH Tanzania office. Development partners who received similar awards were the Global Fund, USAID, DANIDA and WHO. Technical support agencies that received awards were MSH and CHAI.

In this event, TFDA also introduced a document titled 10 Years of Success on Control of Food, Medicines, Cosmetics and Medical Devices in Tanzania. The document highlighted successes of the ADDO Program and acknowledged MSH's valuable contribution and efforts to the program.