MSH to Join World Bank, African Union and Roll Back Malaria Partnership in Celebrating Progress in Malaria

On Wednesday, September 14, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) will highlight their newest report – A Decade of Partnership and Results – in Washington, DC which is home to two major RBM partners: the World Bank and the U.S. President's Malaria Initiative. The report will take stock of the remarkable progress to date and outline lessons learnt to move towards the 2015 target of near zero deaths attributable to malaria.

Malaria prevention, combined with better access to diagnostic care and effective treatment also significantly contribute to the achievement of other health and development goals, particularly reducing child mortality and improving maternal and child health.

The World Bank has been an important international partner in convening stakeholders, funding, and realizing the progress that has been made by countries around the world during the past ten years. The leadership of the African Union and its member states, as well as the support from key partners including the Global Fund, the U.S. President's Malaria Initiative and DFID, have been critical in the fight against malaria.

The Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) is the global framework for coordinated action against malaria. Founded in 1998 by UNICEF, WHO, UNDP and the World Bank and strengthened by the expertise, resources and commitment of more than 500 partner organizations, RBM is a public-private partnership that facilitates the incubation of new ideas, lends support to innovative approaches, promotes high-level political commitment and keeps malaria high on the global agenda by enabling, harmonizing and amplifying partner-driven advocacy initiatives. RBM secures policy guidance and financial and technical support for control efforts in countries and monitors progress towards universal goals.

This event is by invitation only. For more information, contact The Roll Back Malaria Partnership at +1.646.626.6049  or

This event is organized in cooperation with: RBM MAWG African Union Workstream