MSH-Led Project Awarded for Essential Contributions to Guyana's National HIV & AIDS Program

[GHARP II and NAPS staff at the award ceremony. (Photo credit: L. Baird, NAPS)]GHARP II and NAPS staff at the award ceremony. (Photo credit: L. Baird, NAPS)

The Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention Project, phase II (GHARP II), a PEPFAR-funded and USAID-supported project, received four awards for the invaluable support it has provided Guyana’s Ministry of Health and National HIV/AIDS Program (MOH) at a ceremony on December 7, 2012. The National AIDS Program Secretariat (NAPS) recognizes the contributions of its partners in the fight against HIV & AIDS annually. The awards celebrated GHARP II’s work in four technical areas: health systems strengthening; care and support; prevention; and voluntary counseling and testing / prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. 

When presenting these awards, The Secretariat acknowledged several key contributions that GHARP II made during its three and a half years of implementation, and which MOH/NAPS hopes to continue after the project closes in February of 2013. Speeches made in GHARP II’s honor noted several of the project’s achievements including:

  • Reaching most-at-risks populations with HIV prevention, treatment, and care;
  • Designing the Positive Health, Dignity, and Prevention program for people living with HIV;
  • Improving the private sector supply chain for condom distribution to hard-to-reach areas of Guyana;
  • Helping to develop national policies and guidelines to support health program implementation and monitoring;
  • Improving referral networks between the public care and treatment sites and the NGO care and support sites;
  • Supporting Guyana’s annual, national week of HIV testing; and
  • Strengthening leadership and management capacity within both public sector departments and private sector organizations.

Jennifer Ganesh, NAPS Prevention Coordinator, presented GHARP II the award for its contributions in HIV prevention. “Today, the National Program acknowledges and lauds the work of GHARP II’s Prevention team, not only for achieving [its] targets… but also for enhancing collaboration and partnerships with key stakeholders by strengthening ties with NGOs and the private sector and [by] integrating all of its prevention programs with the national program to ensure sustainability,” she said.

When presenting GHARP II’s award for its health systems strengthening achievements, NAPS’ Community Mobilization Coordinator, Nazim Hussein, praised the project for using MSH’s Management, Operations, and Sustainability Tool (MOST) to strengthen NAPS’ human resource management capacity. “Roles and responsibilities at NAPS were clarified, job descriptions updated, and a draft performance review process developed, including the first ever staff satisfaction survey,” Hussein said.

GHARP II began operations in April 2009 and is led by Management Sciences for Health with partners Howard Delafield International and AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The entire project team is heartened to see that their contributions have proven fruitful and that MOH/NAPS is committed to sustaining the project’s progress.