MSH Develops Community Health Services Costing and Financing Tool for UNICEF

 {Photo credit: MSH staff}South SudanPhoto credit: MSH staff

UNICEF has comissioned MSH to develop a cost modeling tool and methodology that will help countries structure, plan, and finance integrated community health services.

UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, is a worldwide leader in promoting and supporting community health services as a key strategy to improve coverage of high-impact maternal, newborn, and child health interventions and reduce health inequities from pregnancy to adolescence and beyond.

To be successful, community health services must be fully integrated into national health systems: properly structured, planned, and financed. Investment cases—information on cost, efficiency, bottlenecks, projected impact, and existing financing commitments—provide the evidence to secure financing.

MSH developed a prototype of the tool and approach and piloted them successfully in Malawi and Sierra Leone with support from UNICEF and the country governments. In Sierra Leone, the Ministry of Health is developing a new community health services policy post the Ebola epidemic, and the results of the cost modeling are being used to inform that policy and to help advocate for funding.

The tool, guidelines, and methodology will be available this summer. For further information, please contact David Collins or Colin Gilmartin of MSH.