MSH Country Representative Discusses Uganda’s Health System on TV Show Urban Today

Herbert Mugumya, Uganda Country Representative for MSH, was invited on the television show Urban Today to talk about MSH’s work in Uganda. Mr. Mugumya discussed the country’s health system and highlighted MSH’s role in ensuring hospital leadership accountability and individuals’ responsibility in seeking health care.

“We learned from the work that we’ve been doing jointly that there isn’t always sufficient capacity to understand those partnerships and what everyone’s role is supposed to be,” answered Mr. Mugumya when asked about the partnerships between local leadership and the government. “So our work as MSH is to come in and make sure that all leaders go through a skills process to understand how that partnership has to work.”


Watch Herbert's interview:


Mr. Mugumya, who is based in MSH's office in Kampala, has more than 24 years of hands-on experience in public health, having managed complex, multi-component U.S. government development projects in several countries.

MSH's activities in Uganda range from strengthening the leadership and management skills of the country's Ministry of Public Health to increasing tuberculosis and HIV detection and treatment to training local NGOs on human resource management, information systems, performance-based financing, and supply chain management.



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