MSH Chief Executive Officer Names Successor

BOSTON, MA (JUNE 17, 2003) — Dr. Ronald W. O'Connor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), announced today that Dr. Jonathan ("Jono") Quick, currently the Director of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy at the World Health Organization in Geneva, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer Designate on January 30, 2004, and will become MSH's CEO on July 1, 2004. Prior to joining WHO in 1995, Dr. Quick worked for over 20 years on issues of international health in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, including almost 10 years with MSH. He has written broadly on global health issues - including Managing Drug Supply, a standard reference on pharmaceutical management that is recognized around the world.

Dr. O'Connor founded Management Sciences for Health more than 30 years ago. Inspired by his work in Nepal with Hiroshima survivor, Dr. Noburu Iwamura, Dr. O'Connor founded MSH to help leaders in developing countries narrow the enormous gap that exists between what is known about important public health problems and what is done to solve them. MSH currently employs over 750 people in over 40 countries and has annual expenditures of more than US$70 million. In announcing Dr. Quick's appointment, Dr. O'Connor said "…as in any human endeavor, in the final analysis what matters most is what we do, not just what we say. We at MSH share a mission and common values that help us stay focused on the most important issues in world health. I am confident that Jono Quick will be a great leader for that effort."

In the meeting at which the announcement of Dr. Quick's appointment was made, Dr. William F. Pounds, Dean and Professor Emeritus at MIT's Sloan School of Management and Chair of MSH's Board of Directors, reflected on both Dr. O'Connor's work and the opportunity ahead. "Ron O'Connor conceived MSH. Thanks to his vision, MSH has been a great success. Ron and the Board faced a very high standard in planning this transition. We are proud of what MSH has accomplished, but we are also confident that Dr. Jonathan Quick will lead MSH to make even greater contributions in the years ahead. The need continues to grow."