MSH Author Publishes a Revealing Book on Rebuilding Health and Hope in Afghanistan

CAMBRIDGE, MA (JANUARY 18, 2007)—Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is proud to announce the release of a new and uplifting book titled Window on Afghanistan: Rebuilding Health, Hope and the Human Spirit which reflects upon personal stories of restoring and rebuilding a country which has been torn apart by decades of war and violence.

Dr. Fred and Mary Hartman co-authored Window on Afghanistan after spending several years living and working in Kabul shortly after September 11, 2001. Dr. Hartman, a physician by training, was the technical director and deputy chief of REACH (Rural Expansion of Afghanistan’s Community-based Healthcare), the largest healthcare initiative in the US Agency for International Development’s history. Fred’s mandate was to work with the Afghan people in rebuilding the health system and restoring basic medical care by helping to train a new generation of Afghan doctors and healthcare workers. For two and a half years, he and his wife, Mary Hartman, who served as Director of Nursing at the CURE Hospital in Kabul, witnessed the heart wrenching challenges and uplifting accomplishments that Afghans face in a violence-torn nation.

There is a serious shortage of medical personnel in Afghanistan and the Afghan health workers the Hartmans—and their colleagues from MSH—worked alongside had returned to their homeland after years of war or exile. Many of these men and women had suffered incalculable personal tragedies, yet they threw themselves into the rebuilding of the country with great stoicism and even greater hope. Window on Afghanistan provides readers a glimpse into how the people of Afghanistan have braved the worst and continue to look to a brighter future.

Window on Afghanistan: Rebuilding Health, Hope and the Human Spirit is available from Trafford Publishing, and can be ordered online at Visit the website to read an excerpt.