Monday Developments Magazine Publishes Article by MSH Staff on South Sudan's Health System in Transition

The April 2011 issue of Monday Developments Magazine includes an article written by Mary K. Burket, Communications Manager at Management Sciences for Health, entitled, "A Health System in Transition."

The author examines the complexity of addressing immediate relief needs while rebuilding a better health system in South Sudan. "Southern Sudan is standing on the brink. Whether it is on the threshold of something spectacular— the birth of a peaceful, prosperous new nation—or the edge of something disastrous (a return to civil war) is unclear." She notes, "… one doesn't have to look too hard to see how much work lies ahead. Refugees and internally displaced persons are returning home in droves: eager to help build their new nation, but also in need of health care, jobs and education, all of which are difficult to obtain. Insecurity has taken its toll on social services in every sector. "

Monday Developments Magazine is published by InterAction. It provides in-depth news and commentary on global trends that affect relief, refugee and development work.

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