Global AIDS Policy Partnership Recommendations for the Blueprint for an AIDS-free Generation

Management Sciences for Health and its fellow Global AIDS Policy Partnership (GAPP) organizations wrote this letter to US Global AIDS Coordinator Eric Goosby to thank him for the opportunity to provide input for the Blueprint for an AIDS-Free Generation, first announced by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the 19th International AIDS Conference. The GAPP advocacy community is a unique coalition of civil society groups, implementing organizations, and faith-based groups. While priorities may vary organizationally, GAPP's collectively-held mission is to end the AIDS epidemic, and GAPP will be a critical partner in the successful implementation of the Blueprint.

GAPP believes that the Blueprint is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world – affected countries, donors, civil society, and others – that an AIDS-free generation is achievable if we are outcomes-focused and concrete and systematic in our strategic approach. The Blueprint will not only reaffirm U.S. leadership in the global fight against HIV and AIDS, but will also signal to our global partners that it is time to step up and renew our commitment to ending this disease. The Blueprint should be designed to leverage greater global leadership and guide U.S. interaction with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and other multilateral and international stakeholders.

The Blueprint must address, according to GAPP, five major principles to successfully pave the way to an AIDS-free generation. Read the letter for GAPP’s five recommendations.