Evaluation and Research: Understanding If a Program Works, How, and Why

Do leadership, management, and governance interventions result in improved service delivery outcomes (and therefore better health outcomes)?

While there is ample evidence on what constitutes high-impact public health and service delivery interventions, there is little documented evidence on the outcomes and impact of leadership, management and governance interventions or programs. USAID’s Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) project, led by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) with a consortium of partners, is committed to synthesizing, collating and generating evidence about the link between L+M+G interventions and improved health systems performance, including better service delivery outcomes.

The LMG project considers evidence along a continuum: with anecdotes and testimonials at one end of the continuum, and progressively more rigorous qualitative, quantitative or mixed-method evaluation and research at the other end of the continuum. The continuum also includes implementation research – exploring and examining implementation barriers and constraints to understand how the context and other factors may affect the outcomes of an intervention or program.

Read more from LMG’s article on the importance of evidence (PDF)