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The Center for Leadership and Management and the Office of Communications and Knowledge Exchange are pleased to announce the launch of a six-article series in collaboration with the journal of Human Resources for Health. This series on public health leadership and management was developed and coordinated by Mary O’Neil, who is also a member of the journal’s editorial board. In his opening editorial for the series, Dr. Manuel M.

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has been awarded a three-year, $32 million capacity-building project under the AIDSTAR-Two program. Under the Capacity-building of AIDS Partners (CAP) Project, MSH will lead an esteemed partnership to deliver capacity building to HIV & AIDS implementing organizations and networks across the world and provide technical assistance to the US Government (USG) and local PEPFAR partners.

CAMBRIDGE —Global Challenges, Local Solutions. The theme of MSH’s 2007 Annual Report highlights the importance of international development throughout every level of society. Whether it is training nurses and health workers in antiretroviral therapy at the community level or sustaining Global Fund initiatives around the world, MSH is showcasing its part in the evolution of global health.

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has announced its participation in the Global Health Council’s 35th Annual Conference in Washington DC. Scheduled to contribute to more than 20 presentations, MSH representatives will discuss a wide array of topics, including leadership and management, child health, infectious disease, and community health. MSH’s Rational Pharmaceutical Management (RPM) Plus program will be highlighting one of the larger events at the conference, touching upon their past accomplishments and future directions.

Under the AIDSTAR Sector II Program, MSH will lead a partnership to build the leadership and management capacity of governments and NGOs worldwide.

Under AIDSTAR, MSH leads team of organizations that provides HIV/AIDS services to field agencies worldwide CAMBRIDGE, MA—Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has been selected by the U.S.