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The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) honored MSH at a ceremony recognizing foreign NGOs' contributions to the country's sustainable development. The November 17 ceremony honored 45 organizations, chosen from a pool of 493 NGOs, at the event. Vietnam has worked with approximately 1,000 NGOs from 30 countries, which have disbursed more than $3 billion on poverty reduction, post-war recovery, public health, and other projects, according to Vietnam News.

The Federal Medical Center in Zamfara State, Nigeria presented MSH with a certificate of appreciation on October 28. The award recognizes MSH's contributions to HIV and AIDS treatment, care and support services in the state through the USAID-funded project, Prevention Organizational Systems AIDS Care and Treatment (Pro-ACT). Pro-ACT is a five-year project implemented in five Nigerian states to build the capacity of the country's public, private, and community sectors for HIV and AIDS and tuberculosis prevention, control, care, and treatment. 

No More Epidemics seeks better global-level surveillance, more local-level health investment Johannesburg, South Africa – Despite significant advances in understanding how infectious diseases spread – and recent scares such as the outbreaks of SARS, H1N1 (swine flu) and Ebola – the world is still unprepared for the next major epidemic. But a new global campaign launched today is designed to address this threat, by calling for a comprehensive global response to prevent dangerous disease outbreaks from becoming full-blown epidemics.

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) announced today that it has broadened its expertise and capacity to improve  women’s and children’s health with the recent addition of a number of staff and programs of Family Care International (FCI), one of the world’s premier organizations in global advocacy and accountability for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health. This addition expands MSH’s technical expertise and positions the organization even more significantly as a leader in health systems strengthening.

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is pleased to welcome Dr. Margareth Mallet as its new Country Representative for MSH Haiti. Dr. Mallet, who will be based in MSH’s office in Port-au-Prince, has more than 25 years of experience in public health, with 10 years as a senior leader in MSH’s comprehensive family planning, leadership, and urban health services programs. Dr. Mallet is skilled in design and implementation of community health programs as well as in design and execution of comprehensive health system strategies.

Delivering Access: First Launch in Kenya  This week Novartis representatives travel to Kenya to officially launch Novartis Access in collaboration with the Kenyan government and other partners. The program is a first for the industry and is a novel social business model that aims to deliver affordable medicines for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in lower income countries. While the goal of the access program is to be active in 30 low- and middle- income nations in the coming years, Kenya will be one of the three countries paving the path for expansion. Learn more