South Africa Celebrates MSH’s 40th Anniversary

Bada Pharasi, Deputy Regional Technical Advisor, CPM, South AfricaBada Pharasi, Deputy Regional Technical Advisor, CPM, South Africa

More than 70 regional and local partners celebrated MSH's 40th anniversary and the opening of a new office building in South Africa on November 3, 2011.

Dr. Jonathan D. Quick, Chief Executive Officer and President of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), told the story of MSH's involvement in a memorable workshop for exiled African liberation fighters. The 1988 medicine supply management course held in Lusaka by the Center for Pharmaceutical Management sought to help the African National Congress -- now South Africa's governing political party -- improve drug logistics management for their health facilities in the region.

Since then, MSH has continued to work with Southern African governments through various projects to strengthen systems and build human resource capacity towards improving health services for their citizens. Jean-Pierre Sallet, the Country Director for the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems Program, thanked representatives of the South African Department of Health who have helped make MSH's work achievable over the years. In response to these remarks, Donald Harbick, the Building Local Capacity Project Director said, if we thought the past 40 years of MSH's work had been great, "watch what we do now!"