New Report Available: No More Epidemics Call to Action

{Photo credit: Lucian Coman |}Photo credit: Lucian Coman |

The No More Epidemics Call to Action has been updated, providing detailed recommendations for governments and other stakeholders on how to address this situation.

Outbreaks of infectious disease could happen anywhere, at any time. Putting in place measures to prevent outbreaks from becoming epidemics—and responding rapidly when they do happen—can reduce the human and economic impacts. Still, the international community finds itself struggling to contain outbreaks when they occur. Zika and Ebola are just the latest examples.

A comprehensive global response that includes better disease surveillance and detection, better prevention, and better care and response is needed. The No More Epidemics campaign mobilizes civil society, academia, and the business community to work with governments and multilateral institutions to ensure greater prevention, preparedness, and response in closing the gaps exposing us all to the threat of epidemics.

Read the new No More Epidemics report