MSH Receives Grant for Costing Analysis from Save The Children Canada

MSH is delighted to announce that it has received a grant from Save The Children Canada (SCC) to conduct a costing analysis of its nutrition program in Afghanistan. 

Children in Afghanistan face one of the worst chances of survival of anywhere in the world. One in four children die before their fifth birthday, most of them from preventable diseases and malnutrition. To prevent and alleviate malnutrition in children, SCC works with the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and selected NGOs in nine provinces to build staff capacity at provincial, health facility, and community levels, and to promote good nutritional practices such as immediate and exclusive breastfeeding, complimentary feeding, maternal nutrition, and micro-nutrient intake.

MSH’s analysis will help Save the Children and the MoPH to estimate the cost of scaling up project activities to cover the whole country and will help advocate with government and donors for additional funding. David Collins and Bill Newbrander of HPG’s health financing team, with support from Kevin Gunter and Sarah Davey, will conduct the analysis between September 2015 and June 2016 using a combination of MSH’s iCCM Costing and Financing Tool and Health Centre Costing Tool (CORE Plus). As part of the work, MSH will build the capacity of the Save the Children and MoPH teams in conducting program cost analysis.