MSH Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

On Friday, October 7, 2011, 150 friends and colleagues joined MSH for an evening reception at the Karibe Convention Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to celebrate the organization’s 40th anniversary.

MSH President and CEO Dr. Jonathan Quick spoke on the global impact of MSH programs and the future of the organization while highlighting its ongoing commitment in Haiti. Since 1980, MSH has focused on building leadership, management, planning and service delivery skills at the national level of the Ministry of Health and Population, at the departmental and local levels, and in over two dozen service delivery NGOs. Dr. Quick also presented “40 Years Empowering Health Leaders Worldwide,” a short video on MSH’s commitment to the Tao of Leadership.

Uder Antoine, Director of COMU (Country Operating Management Unit), presented on the history of MSH’s presence in Haiti and the importance of its established public-private partnerships in achieving greater health impact.

Dr. Fritz Moise, Executive Director of FOSREF (Fondation pour la Santé Reproductive et l’Education Familiale) and the Soeurs de Cité Soleil (Sisters of Cité Soleil) both gave testaments to MSH’s assistance in reinforcing the leadership capacity of their respective organizations. Les Soeurs de Cité Soleil and FORSEF have educated an estimated 1,500 youth on HIV/AIDS prevention and over 3,000 people on the importance of family planning. Cité Soleil is regarded as one of Port-au-Prince’s most impoverished and densely populated areas.

Also featured as invited speakers were Dr. Gabriel Timothe, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, and Dr. Florence D. Guillaume, Health Adviser and official representative of the President of Haiti, H.E.M. Michel J. Martelly.

Speeches were followed by a dance performance from Haiti Tchaka Danse and a brief visit by Haiti’s Prime Minister, Garry Conille.

MSH Haiti currently has three programs in operation including Leadership, Management and Sustainability Program (LMS), Santé pour le Développement et la Stabilité d’Haïti Project (SDSH), and Supply Chain Management System (SCMS). MSH Haiti has over 180 employees, 99 percent of whom are Haitian.