MSH Appoints Dr. Margareth Mallet as New Haiti Country Representative

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is pleased to welcome Dr. Margareth Mallet as its new Country Representative for MSH Haiti. Dr. Mallet, who will be based in MSH’s office in Port-au-Prince, has more than 25 years of experience in public health, with 10 years as a senior leader in MSH’s comprehensive family planning, leadership, and urban health services programs. Dr. Mallet is skilled in design and implementation of community health programs as well as in design and execution of comprehensive health system strategies. She is an expert in research methodology, community mobilization, nutrition programs, health service management, water and sanitation, and health education. As MSH’s Haiti Country Representative, Dr. Mallet leads and coordinates all MSH efforts in Haiti and works in partnership with key in-country stakeholders such as donors, government officials, clients, and other partner organizations.

“For many years, MSH has been working with Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) and the NGO community to strengthen health systems at all levels and improve health for women, children and families,” said Paul Auxila, MSH Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. “I was privileged to have the opportunity to work closely with Margareth during my tenure as MSH Representative in Haiti.  I am proud to have Dr. Mallet continuing MSH’s legacy of partnerships and impact in Haiti.”

Since 1980, with funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), MSH has implemented nine major projects, hand-in-hand with community and government partners.  MSH has worked as a partner in all 10 of Haiti’s geo-departments to contribute to  country’s health system: expanding delivery to rural areas through the “Zones Ciblees” public and private sectors program and others; helping construct a national health system for increased access and use of quality reproductive, maternal, and child health services; constructing a drug procurement and distribution system; training leaders and managers at all levels; implementing one of the pioneer performance-based financing for health in the world; and greatly expanding the battle against HIV & AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Dr. Mallet has been a key player in working to develop community health in poor suburban areas, as well as in post-conflict areas in Haiti, including Bel Air, Cite de l’Eternel, Saint Martin, and Cite Soleil. Following the 2010 earthquake, Dr. Mallet developed strategies to provide the displaced populations of Port-au-Prince with access to health services in 42 refugee camps. These health services are still in operation today.

During her years at MSH, Dr. Mallet contributed to numerous USAID initiatives, including the Health Systems (HS) 2004 I, HS2004 II, HS2007 projects, which ensured that Haitian families have equitable access to sustainable primary and reproductive health services and strengthened the country’s health systems and services. For HS2004, Dr. Mallet added 14 health organizations to the program and coached and assisted them in offering services. Her work on the USAID Santé pour le Développement et la Stabilité d’Haïti Project (SDSH I) ensured better health for more than 4 million Haitians, through partnerships that dramatically increased childhood immunizations, deliveries assisted by skilled birth attendants, use of modern methods of family planning, and expanded AIDS services. For SDSH I, she added 29 new health organizations to the program for inaccessible targeted zones. She also provided extensive support to departmental staff to coordinate the program in targeted zones. Her work has resulted in providing health services to 29 targeted zones for the under-served.

Most recently, Dr. Mallet served as a Project Coordinator in marginal urban areas in Port-au-Prince, for the company she founded - FONDEFH (Fondation pour le Développement et l’Encadrement de la Famille Haïtienne to assist displaced victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.). For the last 10 years, she has worked to develop community health and reinforce public and private institutions, enabling them to provide quality health services. Her experience has included consulting for the University of Notre Dame Haiti Program to assist with the development of a community health program. In addition, Dr. Mallet has worked for the Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP), as Deputy Chief for Santé Scolaire, where she developed a strategic plan to provide health services to schools in Haiti.

Dr. Mallet received her medical degree from Université d’Etat d’Haiti / Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie, a diploma in community health from Institut Haïtien de Santé Communautaire (INHSAC), and her Master’s in Health Administration from University of Montréal.

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