MSH Applauds President Obama’s FY14 Budget Request: Continues to Prioritize Global Health

Management Sciences for Health (MSH), a nonprofit global health organization working in over 150 countries, applauds President Obama’s FY14 Global Health Budget Request. The request released last week includes $8.3B for global health programs led by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department. Despite challenging constraints on the federal budget, this request essentially maintains FY13 funding levels. MSH welcomes the President’s continued commitment to working with developing nations to improve health and save lives. Easing the burden of disease and poverty on families and communities is a win-win-win proposition, serving U.S. national security and economic interests and demonstrating U.S. values to the world, the organization said.

“United States leadership in global health is positively and powerfully impacting millions of lives worldwide. At less than one quarter of one percent of the entire federal budget, this high-yield investment generates tremendous good will and strengthens the U.S. position in the world.” said Dr. Jonathan D. Quick, MSH President and CEO. “We urge Congress to support the President’s commitment to global health.”