Five Years After the Earthquake in Haiti

With long-standing partnerships, MSH reaffirms its commitment to the health of the Haitian people

Five years ago today an earthquake devastated Haiti. Management Sciences for Health (MSH) had been working shoulder to shoulder with the Government to improve the health and lives of the Haitian people for thirty years. The earthquake brought a new sense of urgency to this life-saving work, which continued with even greater resolve. Today, MSH reaffirms its commitment to health of the Haitian people.

MSH and the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), together with local partners, have made great progress in the face of great challenges. “Long-standing, collaborative partnerships have been crucial for achieving success in strengthening the Haitian health system,” said Dr. Jonathan Quick, MSH President and CEO.

MSH has focused on building health services networks; providing safe, effective medicines and health commodities; and developing cadres of managers and leaders. Recently, from 2007-2013, the USAID-funded Santé pour le Développement et la Stabilité d’Haïti (SDSH) project—known as Pwojé Djanm (“robust project”) in Creole—provided access to essential health services to 4.5 million people, half the population. Nearly 350,000 pregnant women were tested for HIV; 4,200 who tested positive received treatment to prevent transmission to their babies. Over 200,000 caregivers were trained to prevent and treat childhood illness, and every year 13,000 women delivered their babies with a skilled birth attendant. Immunization rates increased, antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS scaled up, and access to family planning improved.

To ensure sustainable impact, MSH is working with MSPP, through the USAID-funded Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) project, to roll out performance-based financing and other measures that enable the Government to better manage funds, thereby increasing long term impact.

The recent appointment of MSH leaders by the Haitian Government is a testament to MSH’s dedication and expertise. Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume was appointed as Interim Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health and Population; Dr. Georges Dubuche as General Director of MSPP; and Uder Antoine as the General Coordinator of the Management and Human Resources Office under the Prime Minister.

“With five current projects and more than 150 staff, most of whom are Haitian, MSH continues to help build a robust, locally led and locally run health system that will serve the Haitian people no matter what challenges may arise,” said Dr. Quick.