Dr. Héctor Castro visits with workshop participants in Thailand on strategic pricing of medical products in 2019. Photo credit: UNDP-ADP.

MSH applauds the appointment of Dr. Héctor Castro as the Latin America Policy Forum Chair for Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi), a global nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering health technology assessments. Dr. Castro is MSH’s Global Lead of Health Financing, Technologies, Data, and Impact and has also served as a Board Director with HTAi from 2018 to 2020. With over 20 years of professional experience, Dr.

{Photo Credit Fabrice Duhal}Photo Credit Fabrice Duhal

Monitoring patients who are taking a new medicine is critical for patient safety and an essential component of a well-functioning pharmaceutical sector. The USAID MTaPS Program is working in Mozambique to establish an active surveillance system to assess the safety of an HIV drug in HIV/TB co-infected patients, including pregnant women, that has recently been introduced in the country. The concern for pregnant women stems from earlier indications of neural tube defect in babies born to women taking the medicine and the fact that women are disproportionately affected by HIV in Mozambique.

What If An Early Warning of the Next Pandemic Was Not in the Jungle, But in Your Living Room? The Hill: Can Veterinarians Save Us from the Next Pandemic?Ashley Arabasadi, MSH Senior External Affairs Officer, May 29, 2020Three-quarters of all emerging diseases are zoonotic, and a pandemic threat anywhere is a threat everywhere. In an opinion article for The Hill, MSH’s Senior External Affairs Officer, Ashley Arabasadi, and Dr.