July 20, 2017

Join MSH, the Center for Effective Foreign Assistance, and our expert panel as we discuss the basics of health systems strengthening. A special focus will be put on the positive impact that health systems have on the lives of women and children globally. Health Systems strengthening is critical for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which envision health as a foundation for all social and economic development, as well as political security. In order to deliver these lofty goals, focused attention must be put into making health systems strong, flexible, and well-resourced.  

June 16, 2017

Health Panel: Impact of Health Security on Business in Africa

May 23, 2017

With the World Health Organization (WHO) slated to elect a new Director-General during the 70th World Health Assembly (WHA), what is the potential impact new leadership can bring? And more importantly are those who will be impacted paying attention? As the WHO works to implement some of the reforms agreed to during the WHA in 2016, the question global health stakeholders should be asking is: What should new leadership at the WHO do for the organization? In discussing the implications of this election, panelists from the U.S.