InterAction Maps World NGO Aid

InterAction Maps World NGO Aid

 {Screenshot of MSH's 100-plus projects.}InterAction's new interactive NGO Aid Map.Screenshot of MSH's 100-plus projects.

As a member of InterAction, an alliance comprised of more than 180 organizations, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is excited to announce our participation and support of their newly launched NGO Aid Map.

The NGO Aid Map aims to increase the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response by providing detailed project information through interactive maps and data visualizations. In addition to highlighting where and how development dollars are being spent, the NGO Aid Map also encourages transparency, provides context on project data, and serves as a tool to education the world about the work of US non-governmental organizations (NGOs). With data that is searchable by country, sector, organization, and donor, this map is a great way for the public to gain a better perspective of the work of NGOs around the world.

MSH is participating in the mapping project to continue promoting transparency about our 100-plus active projects, provide context on project data, and connect with new partners and donors. (See also: Search the MSH interactive project map on

Read reflections on the history and future of the map from Julie Montgomery, Director of Innovation and Learning at InterAction and lead of the NGO Aid Map initiative, and join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag " href=""> to tweet about why NGO Aid Map matters to you, and to learn why InterAction members participate.

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Kone Aminata
Congratulations to all these international organizations that have pooled their skills and energy for an efficient and sustainable fight against this lethal epidemic, the cholera, that hit the African continent as well as the Caribbean such as the GAAC (Global Alliance Against Cholera/ Alliance de Lutte Internationale contre le Choléra) that gathers various public private and international organizations, experts and policy-makers . A collective action is the key to overcome the transmission of cholera and to reduce the death pool. However, the financial support granted by the United Nations is not sufficient, thus it is essential to gather more money from international donors and public authorities in order to support the program for the elimination of cholera.

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