Uniting to End TB: MSH Marks World TB Day Across the Globe

Uniting to End TB: MSH Marks World TB Day Across the Globe

{Photo Credit: Warren Zelman}Photo Credit: Warren Zelman

MSH will host and support events in five countries this week to honor World TB Day.

Observed March 24, World TB Day raises awareness and mobilizes support for efforts around the world working to end tuberculosis (TB). The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated this year’s theme as “Unite to End TB: Leave No One Behind,” and many of the day’s activities will focus on addressing stigma, discrimination, and marginalization.

MSH has been a leader in strengthening health systems to fight against TB since 1999 and is working with partners in 22 countries to prevent the spread of the disease and improve the lives of those affected by it.

In Afghanistan, the Challenge TB project — funded by USAID  — will lead 20 awareness events in five cities and will deliver messaging about TB in schools and health facilities. The project will also lead conferences in three provinces, focusing on successful interventions like Urban Directly Observed Treatment and the TB Information System.

The Challenge TB project will also lead World TB Day activities in 11 districts in Bangladesh, ranging from orientations and discussions with workers, to programs at schools, to rallies, to a “sputum collection camp” at an outreach center.

In Ethiopia, Challenge TB will support World TB Day-related activities in four regions, including panel discussions, a presentation at a multi-drug resistant TB treatment center, school programs, and the use of local radio to raise awareness.

In Uganda, the USAID-funded, MSH-led TRACK TB project will co-host a symposium with TB implementers, USAID staff members, officers from the ministry of health, and media representatives. The event will focus on TB outreach to women and children. This week TRACK TB will also hand over to the ministry of health two facilities for treating multi-drug resistant TB, which the project renovated with funding from USAID.

MSH will also be participating in several World TB Day activities in Washington, DC this week, including a roundtable discussion and a briefing about what the US needs to do to end TB.

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MSH has also supported the production of The Lucky Specials, a feature-length film that aims to help audiences understand and respond to TB. On March 21 in Silver Spring, Maryland, the Discovery Learning Alliance and Howard Hughes Medical Institute will host the US premiere of the film, which follows a guitarist and his friends on their journey to create a new musical sound and catapult their small-time band to the big stage. The film originally premiered in Johannesburg, South Africa in February.