Innovations and Partnerships for Access to Medicines (Part 4)

Innovations and Partnerships for Access to Medicines (Part 4)

{Photo credit: Michael Paydos/MSH}Photo credit: Michael Paydos/MSH

This week, Devex and Management Sciences for Health (MSH) are discussing innovations for access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries. Public-private partnerships are key to ensuring innovations help medicines affordably reach the people who need them most.

From communities to global policy: Innovations to access to medicines underway

Devex reporter Andrew Green writes:

In Tanzania in 2002, MSH realized the medicines needed for basic treatment are in the government system, but not available to patients -- either because health facilities ran out of stock or were too far away.

Instead, patients turn to private dispensaries in high numbers. MSH reports that 82 percent of people in sub-Saharan Africa seek health care and medicines from retail drug shops -- even though the people staffing them often have little knowledge or training.

In Tanzania, MSH decided to try to change that, conceptualizing a program in 2002 to set government standards for the accredited drug dispensing outlets, or ADDOs, and upping the knowledge of the people running them. ...

In 2011, the Tanzanian government decided to take the project to scale. It now stretches across 10,000 ADDOs... and underscores the importance of government involvement -- even in a public-private partnership such as this one.

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How new business models can help fight chronic diseases

"We need novel approaches to tackle the challenge of NCDs [non-communicable diseases] in poorer countries," asserts Harald Nusser, global head of Novartis Access. "With this in mind, Novartis has launched Novartis Access, a new program to provide governments, nongovernmental organizations and other public-sector customers access to a portfolio of medicines at a price of $1 per treatment per month to treat cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, breast cancer and respiratory illnesses." 

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