Help Celebrate #GivingTuesday and Make a Real Difference on World AIDS Day

Help Celebrate #GivingTuesday and Make a Real Difference on World AIDS Day

 {Photo credit: Tadeo Atuhura/MSH.}Rose Chebet (right) with her twins, her husband, and the linkage facilitator Helen Chelengat (middle).Photo credit: Tadeo Atuhura/MSH.

When you get sick, where do you go for health care?

You probably have lots of options — a local hospital, clinic, or even a neighborhood pharmacy. But for women like Rose Chebet, who lives in eastern Uganda, it's not so simple.

When she was about four months pregnant with twins, Rose went to a nearby hospital for a prenatal visit, and there she learned she was HIV-positive. She was terrified that her babies would die, or that they would be born HIV-positive. Fortunately, the hospital she visited participates in a MSH-run program that referred Rose to a clinic, where she received anti-retroviral medication that kept her healthy and prevented HIV transmission to her babies. The program also provides follow up care to ensure Rose keeps her medical appointments and takes her medicine.

Thanks to this early intervention, her babies were safely delivered and remain free of HIV.

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Rose's story has a happy ending, but there are countless men and women without the health care that they need. In low-income countries, basic health care and essential medicines are too often out of reach for poorest and most vulnerable. Even when reliable and consistent care exists, distance and cost make it difficult to access that care. MSH is working to help fill that gap by building strong health systems to deliver basic health care to people who need it most. MSH is also a partner to national and local governments, helping them create policies and programs that allow affordable and appropriate care and ensure access to essential medicines. MSH works to create integrated, patient-centered care so women like Rose can get family planning services and prenatal care, and safely deliver healthy babies.

Thanks to MSH, these little ones have access to quality newborn care, vaccines and other health services to keep them healthy as they grow. By focusing on basic care, especially for women and young children, we can build healthier families in the world's poorest places.

But we need your help to continue to make change happen — and to save more lives. A gift of as little as $50 can help provide essential health care for an expectant mother — including integrated services to prevent and treat illnesses such as HIV, malaria, and TB. And, it costs only about $100 to provide one year of life-saving HIV treatment.

Imagine the good you can do this . Help us to realize the dream of a world where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy life.

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