World Health Worker Week 2015: Celebrating the Heroes Among Us

World Health Worker Week 2015: Celebrating the Heroes Among Us

World Health Worker Week (April 6-10, 2015) is an opportunity to mobilize communities, partners, and policymakers in support of health workers in your community and around the world. It is a time to celebrate, raise awareness, and renew commitments to health workers having the training, supplies and support they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Meet some of the health worker heroes among us!

Muhamed Mulongo, acting district health officer, Uganda

[Dr. Muhamed Mulongo] {Photo credit: Cindy Shiner/MSH}Dr. Muhamed MulongoPhoto credit: Cindy Shiner/MSH

Muhamed Mulongo decided when he was a boy to become a doctor after accompanying his sister to the hospital in the middle of the night during difficult labor. The baby died.

I said to myself, 'I should be a doctor I think'.

Now he is the only surgical doctor in the eastern Ugandan district of Bulambuli.

You work here only when you love your job.

You always have to improvise. You have no choice -- you have to save people in the process.

Dr. Muhamed Mulongo, acting District Health Officer, worked with MSH and partners to improve the health reporting system in Bulambuli district in eastern Uganda.

(Photo and story: Cindy Shiner/MSH)

MSH Uganda

Celestine Razanbao, community health volunteer, Madagascar

 {Photo credit: Fanja Saholiarisoa/MSH}Photo credit: Fanja Saholiarisoa/MSH 

Celestine Razanbao is a community health volunteer in southern Madagascar. She offers family planning packages to women of reproductive age in a remote village, six kilometers from the nearest health center, and surrounding settlements. She serves about 140 women a month with contraceptives. The local population's health has improved because of community health volunteers like Celestine.

(Photo and story: Fanja Saholiarisoa/MSH)

MSH Madagascar

Mary Kahema, midwife, Tanzania

 [Mary Kahema, Tanzania.]Mary Kahema, Tanzania.

Mary Kahema is an MSH midwife in Tanzania.

Almost every day, in a clinic along a dirt road in Tanzania, midwife Mary Kahema delivers a healthy baby. For the last 10 years, thousands of mothers and babies have survived their first month, and beyond, because of skilled birth attendants—midwives, nurses, community health workers—like Mary.

MSH Tanzania

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