Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership to Save Lives in Ethiopia

Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership to Save Lives in Ethiopia

 {Photo credit: MSH}State Minister of Health Dr. Kebede Worku thanked MSH for continued support the last ten years.Photo credit: MSH

“MSH is like my mother,’’ said Yimenu, a young medical professional from East Gojam, a place about 600 kilometers from Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. “I have been suffering for five years and it was because of MSH that I started living all over again.”

Yimenu is the voice of thousands: the symbol of partnership that contributed significantly to the country’s increasingly strengthened health sector to save lives.

“I ask no more than an opportunity to help others,” said Yimenu looking at the crowd with complete joy.

[Yimenu testifies about MSH's impact.] {Photo credit: MSH}Yimenu testifies about MSH's impact.Photo credit: MSH

It was during the celebration of Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Ethiopia’s 10th anniversary that Yimenu gave this testimony about the support he got from MSH. The event was a celebration of the ten years journey. Challenges were faced, frustrations overcame, mountains and rivers crossed. It was a journey of courage, determination and most of all, the noblest mission of saving lives.

[Dr. Negussu Mekonnen, Country Director of MSH Ethiopia.] {Photo credit: MSH}Dr. Negussu Mekonnen, Country Director of MSH Ethiopia.Photo credit: MSH

“We are here today to celebrate our partnership which saved lives in the last ten years,” said Dr. Negussu Mekonnen, country director for MSH in Ethiopia. He reminded participants of the anniversary event theme: “Ten years of partnership to save lives in Ethiopia” and thanked all partners who have tirelessly contributed to the success of MSH over the last ten years.

Representatives from a multitude of partners got together to celebrate the shared success. The honorable State Minister of Health, Dr. Kebede Worku, recalled the time when hospitals were out of drugs and officially thanked MSH for the continued support in the last ten years. He shared his experience as a practicing doctor in one of the regional hospitals where doctors were forced to buy drugs for patients. The minister stressed there is still a lot to be done despite the successes in the last decade.

The minister’s words were seconded by Mr. Dennis Weller, Mission Director for USAID Ethiopia. “We share the commitment! Let’s commemorate our shared success,” said Mr. Dennis.

The colorful event, which included a photo exhibition focusing on MSH’s ten years journey and a short video of the major achievements in the last ten years, was attended by hundreds of partners, government officials, and delegates from regional health bureaus.

MSH President and CEO Dr. Jonathan D. Quick congratulated MSH staff who worked hard to make the vision come true. He stated he is speaking on behalf of the staff and said it’s a privilege to work with partners to save lives in Ethiopia. As part of the anniversary event, the partners who have been working with MSH received a certificate of appreciation from the Country Director as recognition of their support in the last ten years.

[MSH President & CEO Jonathan D. Quick speaking at the celebration.] {Photo credit: MSH}MSH President & CEO Jonathan D. Quick speaking at the celebration.Photo credit: MSH

The anniversary event in which MSH Ethiopia championed as a partnership organization was concluded with a pledge canvas signing session which was led by the honorable Minister and Dr. Quick. The pledge canvas was signed by all participants to signify continued commitment to sustain the partnership for the next ten years and beyond.

[Dr. Negussu Mekonnen, Country Director MSH Ethiopia, signs the pledge.] {Photo credit: MSH}Dr. Negussu Mekonnen, Country Director MSH Ethiopia, signs the pledge.Photo credit: MSH


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