Twitter Chat: Maximizing Global Health Synergies for a #HealthyPost2015

Twitter Chat: Maximizing Global Health Synergies for a #HealthyPost2015

Devex #Healthymeans graphic.
On October 27, Devex launched , a month-long online campaign to raise awareness about global health challenges and opportunities. Throughout the month of November, Devex and partners are encouraging discussion around the question: What does healthy mean to you?

Join Nov. 13, 1 pm EST with hashtags  and

On November 13, MSH () and partners are leading a Twitter chat from 1:00-1:30 pm EST on "Maximizing Global Health Synergies in Post-2015 Era". Led by Jonathan Jay (), guest-tweeting with , we'll discuss:
  1. What health target or outcome is your top priority for the post-2015 era?
  2. How does the problem you want to solve relate to other health issues?
  3. What strategies have you used effectively to increase synergies across health priorities?
  4. How could these strategies be scaled up or adapted?

Join the conversation by tweeting us before or during the chat with hashtag or . If you're not comfortable on Twitter, see a few tips below. We also welcome your ideas in the comments of this post or on our Facebook page.

What's a Twitter chat?

Twitter chats are rapid-fire conversations on a specific topic held in real-time on Anyone with access to the internet can listen to ["follow"] or participate in ["join"] the discussion by using the chat keyword(s)--known as a hashtag, e.g. , , or . Each snippet of the conversation is communicated in 140-characters or less [a "tweet"]. Ideas are communicated by any number of people simultaneously in a dynamic, fast-paced discussion.
To follow the "Maximizing Global Health Synergies in Post-2015 Era" conversation in real-time, go to the hashtag results pages on Twitter for and on Thursday, November 13, from 1-1:30 pm EST. (You may need to refresh your web browser while you watch.) Listen and add your voice on Twitter, the comments of this blog post, or via our Facebook page. We'll summarize the conversation here (on the Global Health Impact Blog) after the chat concludes.
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Now tell us: What does healthy for global health in the post-2015 era mean to you?