Free, Online Seminar on West African Ebola Outbreak Preparedness and Response

Free, Online Seminar on West African Ebola Outbreak Preparedness and Response

Ebola outbreak response: Regional confirmed and probable cases, 20 October 2014. World Health Organization (WHO) map

Are you interested in preparedness and response to an Ebola outbreak? Join us for a three-day interactive, web-based seminar on the West African Ebola outbreak from October 28-30, 2014. 

Hosted by Management Sciences for Health, the LeaderNet seminar on Ebola will provide a broad overview of the current West African Ebola outbreak, identify trends and specific interventions that are needed, and show specific MSH technical approaches that can help countries prepare for and respond to any Ebola outbreak.

The seminar is free of charge and available in English and French. The discussion will be moderated and facilitated by:

  • Fred Hartman, MSH Global Technical Lead for Malaria and Communicable Diseases
  • Arthur Loryoun, Project Director for Sustainable Drug Seller Initiatives, Liberia
  • Lisa Stone, Independent Pandemic Planning Advisor
  • Ian Sliney, Director of Health Systems Strengthening and Coordinator of the MSH Ebola Response Team

More about MSH's work on Ebola

How to join the LeaderNet Seminar on Ebola:

  1. Go to and log-in or register.

  2. Go to the Ebola Seminar page and “Join” the group.  

  3. Tell other members about yourself by posting a comment in the Forum.

  4. Return to the site October 28-30 to participate and access important materials on the topic, ask questions of MSH’s panel of experts, and participate in the online discussion.

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