Health for Kenyans, Health for All: Dr. Quick in Kenyan Newspaper

Health for Kenyans, Health for All: Dr. Quick in Kenyan Newspaper

{Photo credit: Chelsey Canavan/MSH, in Kenya.}Photo credit: Chelsey Canavan/MSH, in Kenya.

“While Kenya has seen improvements in areas like HIV care and treatment and child survival, many Kenyans still struggle to access basic healthcare,” says Dr. Jonathan D. Quick, President and CEO of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), in an op-ed published today in The People, a Kenyan newspaper.

Quick returned to the country to speak at Kenya’s launch of the Health for All: Campaign for Universal Health Coverage in Africa (Health for All) last month.

In the op-ed, Quick highlights the country’s progress toward universal health coverage (UHC) and the role of Health for All:

The campaign’s role is to help build awareness at national and county levels about the importance of expanding access to healthcare, and to ensure that issues like infrastructure, health workers, and financing receive adequate attention in the planning process.

MSH is implementing Health for All in Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation. We’re also leading a civil society campaign advocating for UHC in the post-2015 development agenda, Health for All Post-2015.

At MSH, we believe that UHC has the ability to transform health systems to provide everyone with the services they need. And to ensure that progress is being made toward this goal, UHC should be measured by health impact. We are helping countries move toward UHC because, as Quick puts it,

Healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege of the wealthiest few. Health is an integral part of our daily lives and our future plans. That’s why health is considered a basic human right.

Read the op-ed in The People


Update, June 4, 2014: published Quick’s op-ed today under the title, “Kenya: Health Care for All Becoming a Reality”.


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