Governance Matters

Governance Matters

 {Photo credit: Rui Peres}Children in Uganda, one of many LMICs where good governance at all levels of the health system is key.Photo credit: Rui Peres

This post originally appeared on the Blog. USAID's Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) Project, led by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), hosted the Governance for Health (G4H) in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Roundtable 2013 (G4H2013) at Georgetown University in August.

The overwhelming consensus of G4H2013? Governance matters.

Health sector leaders gathered in Washington, D.C. in August for the second roundtable on enhanced governance for the health sectors of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Governance involves decisionmaking by diverse stakeholders that set the strategic direction for public and private organizations; assembling and allocating resources needed to implement the strategic plan; monitoring the progress of champions; and protecting the mission of the organization.

Challenges and actions that surfaced during the interactive conversations included addressing the themes of governing decentralized ministries of health, corruption, women in leadership, and governing bodies, as did the call for measurement that tracks the impact of good governance. A variety of smart governance practices were also discussed.

[Dr. Mahesh Shukla of MSH and Jodi Charles of USAID reflect.] {Photo credit: MSH}Dr. Mahesh Shukla of MSH and Jodi Charles of USAID reflect.Photo credit: MSH

Actions to Promote Good Governance

The LMG Project is also proposing a set of actions to take over the next nine days, nine weeks and nine months to promote smart governance in the health sectors of LMICs (read PDF).

In addition, below you'll see the ideas and discussions that were captured on the thought boards created by Sita Magnuson of dpict for :

{Graphic facilitation by dpict}Graphic facilitation by dpict

Case Studies

{Graphic facilitation by dpict}Graphic facilitation by dpict



[MSH's Jim Rice, director of the LMG project, leads a session at the roundtable.] {Photo credit: MSH}MSH's Jim Rice, director of the LMG project, leads a session at the roundtable.Photo credit: MSH

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