Global Health Impact: Prescription for Universal Health Coverage: Why UHC Must Include Access to Medicines

Global Health Impact: Prescription for Universal Health Coverage: Why UHC Must Include Access to Medicines

{Photo credit: Warren Zelman}Photo credit: Warren Zelman

Reforming a health system in pursuit of universal health coverage (UHC) has the potential to transform health and save lives, but it carries enormous challenges for the leaders committed to this vision. From revenue collection to enforcement of quality standards, every aspect of the system must come together to make UHC successful and sustainable.

With over 100 countries working their way toward UHC--and UHC a prime consideration in post-2015 sustainable development conversations--MSH is devoting this issue of the Global Health Impact newsletter (subscribe) to one of the essential elements of successful UHC: access to medicines.


Post-2015: Sustainable Health Development Requires UHC: Dr. Quick on Devex

{Photo credit: MSH}Photo credit: MSH

"If U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon wants sustainability, equity, and real transformation in global health, he should recommend UHC as a post-2015 health target," says Dr. Quick in an exclusive op-ed for Devex. Read more



Achieving Successful UHC Depends on Medicines Management 

{Photo credit: Rui Pires.}Photo credit: Rui Pires.

"In principle, UHC means lifesaving drugs will be accessible and affordable for those who need them. But in practice, medicines coverage in country UHC plans and in private insurance schemes is often under-rated in terms of cost or importance and is sometimes not recognized at all," blogs MSH vice president Douglas Keene. Read more


A Dialogue on Medicines as Part of Universal Health Coverage: Top Ten Takeaways

{Photo credit: Todd Shapera}Photo credit: Todd Shapera

Doctors Anita Katharina Wagner and Dennis Ross-Degnan of Harvard Medical School share their top ten lessons from the UHC and access to medicines conference. Read more

UHC and Access to Medicines: From Dialogue to Defining Action

{Photo credit: MSH/Paula Champagne}Photo credit: MSH/Paula Champagne

At the June UHC and medicines "starting a dialogue" sessions, representatives from countries working toward UHC and private insurance schemes, and medicines and financing experts from across the globe, defined six domains of action to assure that medicines are adequately covered in sustainable UHC initiatives. Read more

Smart Governance for Medicines under Universal Health Coverage

{Photo credit: MSH/Paula Champagne}Photo credit: MSH/Paula Champagne

UHC carries unique governance challenges and can exacerbate existing challenges surrounding healthcare financing and service delivery. To overcome these challenges, leaders and managers will benefit greatly from sharing lessons from other health systems that are pursuing UHC or have achieved it already. Read more


"Health for All" Continues Supporting UHC Campaigns in African Countries

{Photo credit: Beth Brundage Murphy for MSH}Photo credit: Beth Brundage Murphy for MSH

Health for All: The Campaign for Universal Health Coverage in Africa, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, is supporting governments in three African countries (Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Kenya) in their efforts to achieve universal health coverage (UHC). Read more


VIDEO: Perspectives on Medicines as Part of UHC

Participants from the June dialogue share their views on UHC and medicines. Watch video



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