Manager's Electronic Resource Center

We are pleased to announce the availability of the 2013 edition of the International Drug Price Indicator Guide. The Guide provides a spectrum of prices from 30 sources, including pharmaceutical suppliers, international development organizations, and government agencies. The Guide assists supply officers to determine the probable cost of pharmaceutical products for their programs, allows users to compare current prices paid to prices available on the international market or assess the potential financial impact of changes to a medicines list, and helps to support rational medicine use education.

The 2013 edition of the Guide includes nearly 70 new items, in a wide variety of therapeutic classes. This edition of the Guide has prices for nearly 1,200 products. (Note: It is called the 2013 edition because the prices in it are from 2013.)

The web version contains data from the 1996 edition to the 2013 edition. We encourage you to review the Guide and explore special online features for creating custom lists of medicines, comparing prices, and planning a medicines budget.

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